How to create your own font?

Koen Timmers

Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 and 2018 finalist

My 7 years old son learns at school to write. And he doesn't really like it. But when he was able to create his own font, suddenly he liked writing. And, we managed to eternalize his handwriting. 

The free tool Microsoft Font Maker allows to create ones own handwritten font. 

In this tutorial you will learn to create your own font and add an add-on which allows to dictate text in MS Word. 

Download MS Font Maker. This tool is available in Microsoft Store and requires Windows 10 and a device with pen (ex: Surface + Surface pen).

This is how MS Font Make looks like. 

Hit Save. This will not save your font but you work in MS Font Maker, so you can edit in a next stage. 

Hit Next

You need to write some sentences. You can skip this part if you like. 

Hit Next.

Like the example or want to start all over again? At the bottom you can increase or decrease the space between characters, words and the size of words. 

Hit Create to create your font. You'll need to save a .ttf-file. Save in the Documents folder. 

Open explorer and copy your ttf-file from Documents to C:\windows\fonts. (it's impossible to directly save into this folder). The font will be installed and will be available in every application: Word, OneNote, Excel, Photoshop, etc. 

Type some text and format your text. Make sure to choose your own font. 

In case you like the speech to text function in Word, we need to install a new tool Dictate. Restart MS Word (not your computer) after installing the addon. 

Open Word. 

Open the Dictation ribbon and hit start. 

You can now dictate in your own font. Pretty cool, isn't it?!




by PLN Education

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