Adding subtitles to your presentation

Koen Timmers

Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 and 2018 finalist

Microsoft Translator is now available for PowerPoint and so you can translate your slides to other languages and add subtitles while presenting. 

Imagine yourself presenting during your class French, at a webinar to a crowd of non native speakers or teaching to a group with student who are hearing impaired. In those cases subtitles can do miracles. I remember Michael Harvey (New Zealand) teaching the Kakuma refugees via Skype. Although the refugees understand English very well, the first minutes can be hard to understand the accents from English, Indian, Australian, Amerian or Canadian speakers. 

Let's get started. Navigate to

Download the extension and install the file. 

While starting PowerPoint and creating a new presentation you will find a new section under the button Slide Show. This includes "Start Subtitles" and "Always present with subtitles". 

Tick the box "Always present with subtitles". Go to the presenter view. 

You will find an internet address. Hit the button ...

Click on Settings. 

You can change the position (below/over) of the subtitles. Make sure you choose the right microphone. You may want to change the subtitle size as well. 

Hit Close. 

Try out the presentation. 

While speaking you will find the subtitles. In case nothing happens, reboot PowerPoint and make sure to configure the microphone well. 

Cool isn't it!?

Another feature is to translate slides. Below you can find a slide with Dutch text. 

Hit Translate Slides. First you will need to save the file.

Choose the languages and hit Translate Slides. 

All slides will be translated in a blink of the eye. 


Good luck!

by PLN Education